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An Update from Cape Sharp Tidal

Posted on: June 16, 2017


This week, we completed a safe and successful operation to retrieve the Cape Sharp Tidal turbine. This operation took approximately 70 minutes. The successful retrieval of the turbine marks significant progress into the research and development of tidal power in Nova Scotia.


The turbine has been taken to West Bay for preliminary inspection and to prepare it for transport. It will be taken directly from West Bay to Saint John.


We have retrieved the turbine so that we can make some upgrades to its turbine control centre (TCC). The TCC is like a subsea substation that allows us to transform the raw power from the generator into grid-compatible AC power. It also sends operational and environmental sensor data to shore in real-time through our subsea cable. This is the first time OpenHydro’s pioneering TCC technology has been used anywhere in the world and a key part of demonstrating the viability of instream tidal energy technology.


Once this work is completed, the turbine will be re-deployed to the FORCE site and a second turbine will be deployed later this year.

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