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Environmental Monitoring

Posted on: July 30, 2018

Cape Sharp Tidal has an Environmental Effects Monitoring Program (EEMP). The purpose of the EEMP is to monitor potential environmental effects of the Cape Sharp Tidal turbines on the Bay of Fundy marine environment and to understand the full capabilities of the monitoring devices. Here is some information about Cape Sharp Tidal’s environmental monitoring approach:

  • Cape Sharp Tidal’s 2018 EEMP is available here.
  • Comments on Cape Sharp Tidal’s 2018 EEMP from Nova Scotia Environment and Fisheries and Oceans Canada can be found here.
  • Cape Sharp Tidal’s EEMP includes separate monitoring for marine fish, marine mammals and turbine sound.
  • The EEMP also includes a contingency plan and new supplemental program.
  • The EEMP is layered with the Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy’s EEMP program, which is available at: fundyforce.ca/environment/monitoring.
  • Cape Sharp Tidal’s EEMP has been reviewed by Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) as part of our Authorization Approval under the Fisheries Act and the Species at Risk Act.
  • Continuing to conduct environmental effects monitoring will lead to better understanding of near-field (i.e. next to the turbines) interactions and potential effects the turbine may have on the marine environment.
  • Quarterly environmental effects monitoring reports for Cape Sharp Tidal’s 2016-17 deployment are available here:
  • Written feedback on the FORCE and Cape Sharp Tidal 2018 annual reports was provided by regulators in January 2018, and can be viewed here.
  • For 2018, Cape Sharp Tidal’s quarterly environmental monitoring updates will be included in the quarterly FORCE reports. The Q1 2018 report is available here. The Q2 2018 report is available here.
  • Information on the environmental monitoring technology used by Cape Sharp Tidal is available here: Environmental Monitoring Technology.