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Component update on Open-Centre Turbines

Posted on: August 5, 2016

In mid-July, we were advised by OpenHydro that they were investigating a potential issue with the metal properties of a fastening component in its Open-Centre Turbines. An OpenHydro investigation traced the issue to a supplier, and last week, lab testing confirmed that a risk exists with the long term durability of this component. The component was not locally sourced.

While considered a minor element of the overall system, the components are used to secure part of the turbine generator in position, and could fail prematurely if not replaced. Long term performance and reliability are key priorities, and so the decision has been made to replace the components in the Open-Centre Turbines.

Of key importance is that this is not an issue with the turbine design, rather a matter of incorrectly supplied components. Part of the purpose of this demonstration phase is to identify all potential issues, and OpenHydro is taking the appropriate steps to remedy the issue.

The component is inside the turbine so the rotor must be removed to gain access. Last week, work began in Pictou on turbine 2 as it is already in a horizontal position. OpenHydro is currently considering options for replacing the components in turbine 1.

Cape Sharp Tidal is not yet in a position to provide an update on deployment timelines as it is dependent on remedying the situation. We will continue to update stakeholders with new information as it becomes available.

August 12 Update: This afternoon, we will move turbine 1 from Halifax to Saint John for the component replacement work. The Scotia Tide barge and turbine will depart Halifax Harbour this afternoon, and the transit is expected to take 6 days.


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