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New EEMP commitments and deployment plans

Posted on: November 4, 2016

Cape Sharp Tidal is committed to safeguarding the Bay of Fundy, as detailed in  n our Environmental Effects and Monitoring Program (EEMP) approved by Nova Scotia Environment and created in consultation with Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

In June, we paused deployment plans to allow opportunities for more engagement and consultation with concerned groups. We committed to listen and as a result, we are making several additional commitments, outlined below, to enhance our monitoring program and improve the engagement process for the benefit of all Bay of Fundy users.

In the last five months, we’ve engaged dozens of individuals and groups. We committed to listen, and to learn from what we heard. Together with FORCE, we made an extensive effort to address concerns and answer questions.

Through this dialogue, below are the additional commitments we have made to enhance our monitoring program and improve engagement process for the benefit of all Bay of Fundy users:

  • Continued investment in new marine technologies and innovation: when the turbines are retrieved for regular maintenance, we will explore ways to build on our existing monitoring program through incorporating the latest available monitoring technology;
  • Continued efforts to strengthen and maintain our company’s long-standing relationship with a local fishery with funding support to enhance population data;
  • Based on the ongoing dialogue with lobster harvesters and as a member of FORCE, we are committed to working with FORCE on potential future lobster monitoring studies at the demonstration site;
  • Enhanced capability with a camera mounted towards the face of the turbine at the request of the fishing community;
  • Participation in multi-day workshop focused on key fish populations in the Minas Passage. The workshop will guide future research advancements and modelling around specific fish population and turbine interactions;
  • Create an improved consultation process, working with individual fishers and associations to develop a tailored terms of reference to guide post-deployment dialogue;
  • Staggered turbine deployment to allow additional opportunity for data monitoring, collection and analysis; and,
  • A commitment to voluntarily remove our turbines from the FORCE site if they are found to cause population-level effects on marine species.

These are important commitments as we move forward with tidal development in Nova Scotia, because we believe there is an opportunity for all Bay of Fundy users with shared interests to work together.

Final preparations are now underway to deploy and grid-connect Nova Scotia’s first in-stream tidal turbine at the FORCE site near Parrsboro. Tidal conditions there afford a seven-day window of opportunity twice each month. Pending favourable weather conditions for deployment and cable connections, deployment work will begin this weekend.

As always, safety is our first priority. Marine activities will continue as the weather safely allows until the turbine and its subsea cable are successfully connected to those subsea cables installed by FORCE in 2014, and by Cape Sharp Tidal in 2015. Next year, we’ll work on our plans to deploy the second turbine, and complete the 4MW array.

We’re proud of the positive benefits of project has already provided to the local economy with hundreds of jobs, tens of millions in investment and cutting edge marine research happening. As well, the Bay of Fundy is a unique and local source of clean renewable power that will help reduce GHG emissions and contribute to the Provincial target to achieve 40 per cent renewables by 2020.

We’ll be sure to update you on our progress at the site over the next little while. You may be able to watch the operations from live webcam from the FORCE interpretive centre in Parrsboro: http://fundyforce.ca/visit/live-video/

Thanks for your ongoing interest and support of the project. As always, you can reach us at sarah.dawson @ capesharptidal.com if you have questions.


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